Ventureshield Paintguard

Ventureshield Paint Protection Film

Car with Ventureshield film appliedVentureshield Wire Car
Keying Ventureshield Film

Significantly stronger than the leading competitor

VentureShield Paint Protection Film has been the invisible force successfully protecting the valuable bodywork for some of the most expensive cars on the planet within the Global Motorsport arena.

Ventureshield is used by top race teams within Formula 1, GIA GT, NASCAR & Le Mans Series amongst others, it has been tested to the extreme both on and off road.

Ventureshield protection is available in precut form, our ultra clear urethane film can now be tailor made to protect the most vulnerable painted surfaces of your vehicle from the damage caused by stonechips, environmental elements and minor abrasions.

Why settle for anything less when the answer is clear, PaintGuard Ventureshield Paint Protection Film, the choice of professionals.

Applying Ventureshield

Better clarity with
no "orange peel" effect

Removing Ventureshield

Superior abrasion resistance!


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